Welcome to the Healthy Living Buyers Club Customized pre-order boxes containing Fresh, Natural, Organic, Local food and dry goods year round!

HLBC Hours
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Azure Standard Drop Point

HLBC Order By Date

Self-Serve Shopping:
Tuesday* & Saturday 9:30-6:30
Market Day:
Friday 3-6 pm
Pre-Order On-Line Store:
Saturday 10 PM- Tuesday 3 PM

Holiday Closure: HLBC will not be taking orders for the last week of December.

Pre-Order Pickup:
Friday 3-6 PM & Saturday 9:30-6:30

*See Calendar for schedule changes.

HLBC is also a drop point for your Azure Standard orders! The Azure truck comes here about every four weeks with the orders that have been placed on-line at The drop point number is 518081. Feel free to ask for more information. Next Azure Standard order is due December 12th, 4 PM .
PRE-ORDER STORE OPEN at 10 PM on Saturday through Tuesday, 3 PM

Self-Serve Market Open on Tuesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays

The next HLBC pre-order is due by December 6th, 3 PM $30 minimum order

Special Orders are due January 2nd, 3PM   (Mountain Rose Herbs, Hopewell Essential Oils, HLBC Azure). More information will be sent via e-mail. 

Order Pick Up: Friday 3-6 PM & Saturday, 9:30-6:30

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