Placing orders with HLBC is very simple. The first step is to request an HLBC membership (here).

Once your membership request has been reviewed and approved you can start setting up your HLBC account.
  • Account Set Up – A Member Number will be sent to your e-mail which will be your “User ID” on the site. You will also be given a temporary password so that you can log into your new HLBC account. Please be sure to change your password once you are logged in on the “My Account” page. You will then be asked to set up your account with your billing information. You can even add a profile picture if you want 🙂


  • How To Pre-Order Your HLBC Weekly Box- You can find products by category or type in a search anywhere that you see the magnifying glass icon. Once you find the product that you are looking for, just type in the quantity and add to your cart. When you are through shopping you will be given two choices at the bottom of your cart: “Pre-Order” or “Market Order”. You will choose the “Pre-Order” option when you are sending in your pre-order. The pre-order store is only open from Monday, 1 PM- Wednesday, 1 PM. Any pre-orders submitted during the time that the pre-order store is closed will be automatically deleted. Your submitted order must reach the $30 minimum to avoid the $5 small order fee.  This minimum does not apply to order add-ons that are submitted during pre-order store hours. If an item is back-ordered, you will be e-mailed when the item is in and ready for pickup.
  • In Store Purchases-The Market Order option on your checkout is for when you are shopping in the physical HLBC store. We have an electronic device available for self-check out where you can log directly into your account and enter your in-store purchases. You may also do this on your own tablet or smart-phone. Be sure to connect to the HLBC Network for the best on-line connection. If, for some reason, you are unable to access your account while you are at the warehouse you may record your purchases on the provided paper sales sheets and enter your purchases at your home or office within 24 hours of purchase. Please leave a copy of the sales sheet in the plastic tray.
  • Payments- Once you have completed your purchases and “Shipping Option” (pre-order or market order) you will proceed to check out where you will review your order and find the payment options. We are offering check payment (mail or drop off at pick up), cash payment (drop off at pick up), or credit/debit. Pre-Order Payment options will be available once your order is picked and packed. Prices will be adjusted due to weight variance or out of stock items. To pay for invoices that are due log into your account, click on the”My Account” tab. Find the invoice that you wish to pay and click on the “PAY” button. Once the page has loaded scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN till you see the payment options. Choose your desired payment option.
  • Coupons- All order credits, including bottle deposit returns, will be given as a store coupon. You will receive your coupon code in an e-mail which you enter into the “apply coupon” box on your cart. We will also run coupon specials that you may apply to your cart so be sure to keep your eyes open for e-mail coupon specials or FaceBook coupon specials.
  • Order Pick Up- Pre-order pick up is on Friday, 3 PM & 6 PM & Saturday, 9:30-6:30. Your order must be picked up by Saturday to avoid the late pick up fee $5 per day.
  • Special Orders (S/O)- HLBC also offers special order opportunities for Milk Pre-Orders, Azure, Mountain Rose Herbs, UNFI and Hopewell Essential Oils. These orders can be submitted via e-mail. You will receive an e-mail notice and ordering instructions a few days before these orders are due. Order pickup rules are the same as your HLBC pre-orders. We will invoice you by e-mail.
  • *Disclaimer: All images and descriptions of products are courtesy of associated manufacture, distributor or supplier.