Chicken Frames, Mary’s Organic 1lb (2.5lb average)

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Use these organic backs for soup stock. Humanely raised and air-dried. All Mary’s chicken is free of antibiotics, preservatives and hormones.

David Pitman is a forward-thinking, third-generation chicken farmer. His Pitman family farm raises Mary’s brand chicken in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

“We basically take the conventional book and throw it out the window,” Pitman said. “We give the bird the most humane lifestyle it can possibly have. The chicken houses are air-conditioned for those hot summer months. They can be inside or outside, at their discretion. We let them choose when to eat and when not to eat. And we feed them only a vegetarian diet.”

Pitman conceded that they did have a pretty big learning curve when they switched to an organic, all-vegetarian diet with no antibiotics and no growth hormones.  “We practiced it for three years before we actually started selling the organic chicken,” he said. “The change slowed down the growth rate of our chickens, which made us nervous at first, but we soon realized that it was great for the bird’s overall health.”

Mary’s chickens are also processed differently than the typical, factory-raised chicken. As it says on the package, it’s “air chilled.”

“After chickens are plucked and cleaned, they’re usually soaked in cold water.  But that chlorinated water is absorbed into the meat, so you’re paying for the water, and it’s also affecting the taste. By chilling the birds with cool air, instead of water, you just get the natural flavor of the chicken. No added water. So it’s a better value, and better flavor,” Pitman said.

Mary’s also packages their chicken differently, without the use of Styrofoam trays. “It was important to us to eliminate all those Styrofoam trays that were going into landfills, so we went to a pressure-filled, eco-friendly package,” Pitman said.

Step 3 Rating – Animal Centered, Bred for outdoors

  • All chickens have access to outdoors.
  • Outdoor areas include ample water and shade
  • Natural behaviors are enriched with bales of straw (used for pecking) and eucalyptus tree branches (used for playing and hiding).

Fed an Organic Vegetarian Diet

  • No GMOs*
  • No Synthetic Amino Acids

Vegetarian Diet:

  • 65% Organic Corn
  • 30% Organic Soybean
  • 5% Vitamins and Minerals

* GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms: an organism with altered genetic DNA engineered by humans. Mary’s is the first in the industry to be verified by the Non GMO Project.

  • Gluten Free
  • No Added Water
  • Vegetarian Diet
  • No Preservatives
  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • Raised Without Added Hormones*

*Federal Regulations Prohibit the Use of Hormones in Chicken

Mary’s Free-Range Organic Air Chilled Chickens are an additional step up the ladder in humane farming practices; with freedom to move about and a premium diet void of any chemical stimulators.

Certified Organic feeds must be certified by the USDA and everything that goes in them must be certified as well. Mary’s Organic Chicken feed does not contain any of the following:

  • No Animal By Products
  • No GMOs
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Pesticide Treated Grains
  • No Grains Grown with Chemical Fertilizers
  • No Synthetic Amino Acids

Mary’s chickens are cooled with a state-of-the-art “Air Chill” system. Air Chill helps inhibit the spread of bacteria by keeping all of the chickens separated, and saves 30,000 gallons of chlorinated water every day. With no water added, the air chilled method keeps the “real” chicken flavor and natural juices intact. The air chilled method also produces a better tasting chicken. Unlike conventionally processed chickens Mary’s humanely-raised chicken will have the natural aroma of the fresh chicken, with no water absorbed, and you get the natural flavor of the true chicken.

*Chicken Backs are packaged in one bulk bag; this product is not individually frozen.

*Chicken Backs contain only the back with very minimal meat.

*Azure freezes meat products upon arrival to our warehouse which extends the fresh expiration date up to a year. FDA regulations require producers to label their meat with a fresh expiration date. Azure freezes meat products well before the expiration date making it available for distribution up to a year.


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