Fatworks All Natural Duck Fat, 8 oz Bargain (soon to be discontinued)

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Image & Info from Fatworks:

Due to popular demand we are making our own “cage free duck fat.”  This is a delicious Fatworks fat. We use our small batch kettle rendering and our advanced fine-filtering system to create the purest cage free duck fat on the market.  This is the liquid gold people have been talking about.  

Yes, gourmet chefs have loved duck fat for years and have used it as their secret ingredient, but that secret is out now and duck fat is back and bigger than ever.  This flavorful fat is crafted for making your own confit or to fry up some famous duck fats fries or just for roasted veggies.  You can even spread it on a “quacker” with a little sea salt.  We sourced specially bred ducks that are raised to forage on land rather than water and are raised in large duck enclosures with room to roam, socialize, run around, preen their feathers and just be as ducky as they wish.  It should be noted that almost ALL ducks raised in the U.S. are cage free and are by law hormone and antibiotic free.



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