W, I, & L Spiced Orange Black Tea Soap Kit

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Product Description

When I was a teenager, chilly Northern California winter time called for warm beverages. When I first discovered tea as a kid, it was Bigelow’s Constant Comment (affiliate link), and it was delicious. I would drink it with milk and honey, and it tasted like wintertime.

I recently rediscovered that tea again, and was immediately inspired to make a soap that smelled like it, too. This soap does just that. In the shower, its relaxing tea-infused scent creates a luxurious experience. It has strong hints of sweet orange and spices with bits of tea leaves and orange rinds embedded in it for gentle exfoliation. The soap contains coconut oil and goat’s milk to really help moisturize your skin.

And maybe your childhood didn’t consist of drinking 3 mugs of this tea in one sitting on cold winter nights, but it will still help you get through the fall and winter time. Oils in the soap help to condition your skin as you clean, leaving you feeling soft afterwards, better suited to face the cold winter air.

Comes as a 5 oz bar.


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