Gurnsey Whole Milk, Raw 1/2 Gallon (only for payment for extras in store)

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Old Silvana Creamery, WA

Special Order item,  please contact  HLBC for more information.

Cow Milk

We  are Washington state’s sole source for raw milk that is 100% Guernsey!

Below are some informative facts about the health benefits of drinking Guernsey milk.

1) Guernsey milk contains 3 times as much omega 3 as other milks.

2) Beta Casein A2 – When tested in the UK Guernsey milk tested had more than 95% A2 which compares with 40% A2 in Jersey milk and 15% in ‘ordinary milk’.

3) Beta Carotene – This is not digested by Guernsey cows so it passes into the milk and produces the wonderful golden color. Beta Carotene is found in green vegetable matter i.e. grass and is thought to give protection against certain cancers. It is known that the consumption of vegetables is good for you. Therefore drinking Guernsey milk should provide the same health advantages.

4) Guernsey milk contains 12% more protein, 30% more cream, 33% more vitamin D, 25% more vitamin A and 15% more calcium than average milk. On average they produce milk of: 4.65% Butterfat and 3.55% Protein. The fat and protein content of Guernsey milk is higher than that of ‘ordinary’ milk, meaning it has a better balance then Jersey milk.

We are located on the dairy that we operated as a member of Darigold, from 1977 until 1998.  We milked over 250 cows  twice a day during those years. We have longed to get back in the milk “business” and we are excited to have the direct interaction and feedback with the buyers of our milk that comes with selling on our farm as well as delivering to all the retailers that sell our “Guernsey Goodness”.

Check out our facebook page for much more information as well as  pictures.


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